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    Mountain West Church Mission statement

    A Well To The Nations March 2006
    Dig A Well Project December 2006
    Thomas Dickerson (Calling All The Nations) February 2009
    Water Purification System birth October 2010
    Water Purifier System installed in Freetown, Sierra Leone June 2011
    Thomas Dickerson goes to India June 2012
    NEXT program started November 2012
    Water Purification installation Grafton, Sierra Leone October 2013
    Christmas season December 2013
    NEXT First Phase completed February 2014

In keeping with the vision God has given us of being a 'Well to the Nations',
where people from all over the world would find the living water,
be refreshed, restored, renewed, then sent out to take this life giving water
(the message of Jesus) around the world

We dream of:

A church that is MISSIONAL
A church that is WELCOMING
A church that is LOVING
A church that does everything with EXCELLENCE to bring honor to God.